When it comes to flooring in Baltimore, you have many options for carpet. If you rent out a property, it is important to pick carpeting that can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. While many tenants are extremely vigilant, others may not be quite as careful with rental carpet as they would be if they owned the home. You should also select a neutral carpet that hides stains well. Keep reading for more tips on how to choose the best carpet for an apartment or rental home.

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Durable Fiber

When you invest in flooring, you deserve to have high-quality carpet that lasts for years to come. Unfortunately, your renters may not take special care when drinking dark liquids like coffee and wine. Children may not be quite as closely supervised when they are playing with colorful clay and finger paints as they would be if renters owned the property. While nylon carpet does wear better than natural fibers, it is also easier to stain. Instead of nylon carpet, consider a durable polymer material. New polymer carpets are highly stain resistant.

Looped Pile

For your rental unit, you may also want to select carpet made from a looped pile. Berber is the most common loop-pile carpet on the market. As opposed to cut-pile carpet, which can crush easily, looped pile wears much more slowly. Loop-pile carpet also comes in thicker textures and different heights, so you can select the most durable pile available. You can also pick a mixture of looped pile and cut-pile fibers, so long as they are densely knit.

Solution Dye

When you buy cheap carpet from carpet liquidators for your rental, pick a carpet with solution dye. Unlike topical dye, which covers only the top layer of carpet, solution dye allows the color to soak completely through each carpet fiber. That means that your carpet’s color will stay bright and fresh much longer, even if you have different renters moving in and out.