Before installing carpet flooring in your home or business, you will need to decide which type of carpet pile you want to use. You should make your decision based on factors like how much foot traffic your carpet in Baltimore will face on a daily basis as well as how comfortable you want your carpeting to be. Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators will help you choose the carpet pile that’s right for you.

A cut pile carpet features loops that are all cut at the same exact height. This type of pile is used most often in homes by those looking for a carpet that provides comfort. Meanwhile, loop pile carpet features loops that are left intact. This type of pile isn’t usually all that comfortable, but it will make your carpet flooring very durable. Finally, cut and loop pile carpet combines the two carpet piles listed here and allows for home and business owners to incorporate decorative designs into their carpeting. When you come to Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators for carpet installation, we will speak with you about your carpet needs and show you which carpet pile would be best for you.