Carpet has been a popular flooring choice for many decades. If you are a property management professional who is shopping for new carpet for an apartment or condo building, you may want to delve into this year’s most popular carpet trends. From exciting colors to plush textures and more, today’s carpets are more beautiful and thrilling than ever before. A company that offers carpet in Baltimore can help you choose a durable and attractive carpet for your rental property. Here is a sneak peek into this year’s carpet trends.

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Bold Colors

While carpet has a reputation for coming in bland shades of beige and grey, many carpet manufacturers are choosing to produce their products in an exciting range of hues. This year, today’s carpets are trending towards bold colors that create visual excitement in an interior space. Even neutral carpets in shades of tan feature tiny flecks of red, blue, grey, or gold. Choosing a bold color for your carpet can help you tie together other interior design elements in your rental property.

Soft Textures

For the 2016 interior design season, many carpet manufacturers are featuring carpets that have a variety of soft textures. Along with being cozy and soft underfoot, textured carpets are also able to hide stains and dirt more easily. When you visit the carpet showroom, you might want to check out carpets that combine beautiful colors with exciting texture patterns. Some examples of color and texture combinations include colorful loop carpets or stunning floral patterned carpets.

Advanced Patterns

Today’s carpet manufacturing techniques are more advanced than ever before. Using the latest looping technology, carpet makers are able to add amazing swirls, loops, and other designs to their new carpets. As you are touring your options at the carpet showroom, you may want to explore some of the unique patterns that are newly available this year. With a beautiful and appealing carpet, you can make your rental very appealing to potential tenants.