When you have a small bathroom, there are several ways to make it visually appear larger to you and your guests. Using mirrors, glass shelving, and light-colored flooring in Baltimore are great design choices that can visually expand your small bathroom. Continue reading to see which flooring options should be installed in a bathroom and are the best to make it appear larger.

  • Laminate and vinyl floors can be installed in bathrooms with minimal concern about moisture problems. You can also choose light-colored options that resemble tile, stone, and even hardwood.
  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles are commonly found in bathrooms because of their natural resistance to moisture. These can come in any color and design. Choose a light-colored floor tile to visually expand your bathroom, but install a unique design to break up the monotone color.
  • Natural stone tiles can be installed in bathrooms as well, but ensure they are non-porous or they are sealed properly against moisture. Stone can come in a variety of light colors with unique design effects like veining and flecks.