Vinyl flooring near Baltimore is made from one core ingredient—polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. Vinyl is a versatile type of plastic that has been around for decades. This has given flooring manufacturers a long time to perfect the process of making vinyl flooring, as well as designing the varied looks into which it can be made. Continue reading for a brief look at how vinyl flooring is made before it enters homes and businesses around the world.

Layers of vinyl and other components are applied together to make the various designs, colors, and styles of vinyl flooring. The core layer of vinyl flooring is made from a durable sheet of what was once liquid plastic. This plastic was made into a long sheet that was then processed with heat and pressure until it became a hard, durable layer to eventually make vinyl flooring. Through various processes of heat and pressure, other layers of vinyl, colors, and several different materials are combined to eventually become the many different versions of vinyl flooring found in millions of homes and businesses.

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