If you have a rental in New Jersey, you still have options if you'd like new flooring, and we can help. We'd like to tell you more about your options and how it new flooring works to not only your benefit but your landlord's benefit as well. 

Think longevity when you think about what type of flooring your looking for and you’ll be surprised how quickly you will get those new floors. To find out more, just read along with us now.

Here are some great ideas for rental home flooring

Rental flooring in New Jersey is never a bad idea, but how do you get your landlord on board with it? The truth is, if you discuss your desire for new flooring with your landlord, you’re likely to get a better response than you might think. Even more importantly, you can often negotiate to subtract the purchase price and installation fees from your rent, usually in increments each month.

You might consider carpet flooring for your New Jersey home, as it offers amazing and luxurious softness with tons of extra benefits as well. Manufacturers have added stain protection and allergen relief to the very fibers of the material, so you'll breathe easier and your floors will look better for years.

Hardwood flooring
is another excellent choice that your landlord is likely to have no problems with. After all, it offers an average lifespan of 100 years, especially with a professional flooring installation. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and creates an amazingly elegant feel in any space.

Tile floors work well in rentals as well, usually offering durability that is commercial level, as well as appearance options that offer something for everyone.

Your rental flooring headquarters can be found here

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