You hear it every year, “New year – new me!” Usually this phrase is followed with a list of resolutions made for personal growth and success, but many overlook small resolutions. A small resolution for your home can make a huge impact on your space, your health, and your life. They say that setting small, easily attainable goals can help you on your road to greater success. So, here’s a list of a few small actions you can take in the coming year to help you on your 2019 journey.

Keep Floors Clean by Addressing Spills Quickly

You may have waterproof floors, you may not. Either way, there is no end to the benefits of a clean, dry floor. This might sound like a no-brainer, but in todays busy household floors are something that easily fall through the cracks of your to-do list. This year, try adding simple floor maintenance to your routine. A quick daily sweep and a weekly (or bi-weekly) vacuuming should do the trick.

You might wonder how this addition to your routine will benefit you while your other resolutions, especially on those days where you get home from work and just want to hit the deck and take a nap. Checking something off of your to-do list gives you a push to achieve something else. Plus, cleaner floors will help you feel more organized, help your focus, and improve the indoor air quality of your space.

Organize & Declutter Every Room

Who said you have to do Spring Cleaning in March? You can get started now! Take some time out of your day to declutter and organize one room at a time. Even just 15 minutes a day will make a huge difference in your space.

This task may seem daunting but if you know where to start you can easily find out where to end. Start decluttering by sorting your items into three categories: Keep, Donate, Get Rid Of. Your keepers are your favorite possessions, your absolute wants and needs. For items that are in good conditions but don’t make your heart sing, consider donating them. Finally, for items that cannot be donated either repurpose them or give them the boot.

When you have sorted your items into their categories and removed the non-keepers from your space you are ready to organize. Think of your day-to-day life and kind each items place based off your routine. This can simplify your day and make it much easier for you to get up and out the door on busy mornings.

Wondering how you can keep your spaced organized and clutter-free throughout the year? Follow the Get One, Toss Two rule, for each item or gift you get, get rid of two others. This may seem like a doozy, but just remember that having fewer special items makes each one you keep more wonderful.

Get Ready to Entertain

After each holiday, each birthday, and each Sunday brunch with friends most of us vow to make more time for our loved ones. Problem is, many of us also never feel like our space it quite ready to entertain. This new year, take the time to get ready to invite your friends and family over! You don’t need to remodel a kitchen or break the bank for some wall art.

You don’t need to install a new floor, (but if you want to, you know who to call.) All you need to do is rearrange. Moving furniture can breathe new life into your home. If you rearrange with conversations in mind, you will find yourself crafting spaces for people to gather and grow closer. When your rearranging, don’t forget to rotate your area rugs. This will even the wear and tear of your rug and help preserve its beauty.

You can also consider adding indoor plants and decorative throw pillows to give your home a look that screams “finished.” These touches also give your space a lively splash of color, taking your interior décor to the next level.