Carpet is among the most popular choices for rental property flooring due to its versatility and the comfort that it provides underfoot. If you’ve decided on carpet installation in Baltimore for your rental property, then look for the following qualities in the product that you select:

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Good Durability

Choosing carpet for your rental property means that you should go with an option that offers notable durability. Ideally, the carpet that you choose should last for years and look like-new despite wear and tear from tenants. To maximize the durability of your carpeting, look for options made with polyester or nylon.

Stain Resistance

For many rental properties, carpeting will need to stand up to daily use from families and pets. If you hope to keep your carpeting looking good long-term, then stain-resistance is key. Luckily, there’s now a wide range of products that offer reliable stain resistance, making the cleanup of dirt, pet stains, and drink spills easy and less likely to leave a permanent mark on the flooring.

Neutral Color

Tans, beiges, and grays go well with a broad range of color schemes, which will be more appealing than brighter hues to most potential tenants. Furthermore, neutral colors are less likely to show signs of wear and staining. For these reasons, experts recommend neutral colors for rental property carpeting.

High Quality

In some situations, opting for higher quality carpeting can save you on property maintenance costs in the long run. Installing carpet that is slightly more expensive may add several years to the life expectancy of your new flooring, allowing you to wait longer before you replace it again. However, if you expect that you’ll have to replace the carpet sooner rather than later, because your property allows pets, for example, then a slightly lower grade carpet may be the better option.