With all of the options available, it can be difficult to settle on a new type of flooring material for your home. Despite the abundance of choices, you’ll find that there are several good reasons to consider luxury vinyl flooring in Baltimore.

vinyl - tiles

Affordable Elegance

When you select luxury vinyl tile for your home’s flooring, you’ll be able to choose from options that emulate the appearance of hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, and other types of flooring, but without the associated cost. Additionally, vinyl flooring feels softer and warmer, making it more comfortable to stand on during long days in the kitchen or throughout the chill of winter.

Minimal Maintenance

Keeping your luxury vinyl tile looking its best requires little care. When opting for this type of flooring, you’ll find that you spend less time cleaning and maintaining it than you would with other flooring types, and you’ll also be able to worry less about foot traffic and time affecting its quality. Sweeping your flooring once per week and mopping it periodically is sufficient to keep it in excellent shape. Also, avoid dragging furniture or leaving spills to prevent scuffing and staining.

Versatile Application

You will also benefit from the added versatility of luxury vinyl. Made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, it boasts a tough but elastic structure. Because it is lightweight and can accommodate irregularities, it can be used in any area of your home or over other types of flooring.

Enduring Quality

Flooring materials such as wood and tile are vulnerable to damage. A dropped piece of cookware can crack your tile kitchen flooring, and the movement of furniture or scuffing from pets’ nails can create scratches in your home’s hardwood flooring. On the other hand, luxury vinyl tile is resistant to these types of damage. Because it can slightly contract and expand, luxury vinyl tile is durable against wear due to high foot traffic. Additionally, if a section of your flooring does incur scratches or nicks, it can be replaced more easily and affordably than hardwood or ceramic tile.