There are several important signs that your carpet flooring should be replaced, and some of those signs may affect the health of you and your family. Increased allergy symptoms and signs of mold in your carpet flooring in Baltimore are just a few signs that you need to have your carpet flooring replaced with a better flooring installation.

  • You, your family, or your pets may experience increased allergy symptoms. If you have increased your regular vacuuming and professional cleaning of your carpet, and the symptoms have not decreased, then you may need a new flooring installation.
  • If your house has recently suffered water damage or you notice signs of mold in your carpet, then you should have the carpeting replaced soon before the mold can severely affect the health of your family.
  • When your carpet is well over 10 years old, and it shows several signs of wear and tear, then you should update your flooring to a cleaner, more modern look.
  • If your carpeting has several stains that cannot be removed, even with professional carpet cleaning, then look for new flooring. Stains are unsightly and could lead to increased health issues.
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