Property managers are forced to deal with issues concerning flooring all the time. They have to select the right kinds of carpeting for their rental properties and choose carpets that are designed to stand up to the toughest of tenants. Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators recommends that property managers install stain-resistant carpet in Baltimore in all of their rental units.

As its name would suggest, stain-resistant carpeting is one of the best options for property managers because it can stand up to just about anything that will stain the average carpet. From dirt and dust to pet urine and other liquids, stain-resistant carpeting is treated with a product that makes it one of the most durable flooring types on the market. If one of your tenants accidentally spills something on a stain-resistant carpet, you won’t have to replace it. Rather, you can have the carpet cleaned and prevent a spill from permanently staining your rental property’s flooring. When you work with Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators, we can show you our large inventory of stain-resistant carpeting and help you get carpet installed in your rental properties right away.

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