At Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators, we often work with many homeowners and businesses to assess their soft or hard surfacing needs. When it comes to multi-family homes, the surfacing demands are different compared to houses that experience less traffic. As such, these larger families need a flooring solution that offers a high degree of durability and flexibility, while also providing a pleasing appearance. More often than not, we recommend luxury vinyl for a multi-family home, as it gives a great many advantages. Today, let’s go over why luxury vinyl flooring makes a great addition to busy households.

Natural materials offer many advantages – without the drawbacks

One of the main reasons why luxury vinyl is wonderful for big families revolves around its chameleonlike qualities. Since it is manufactured in a wide range of flooring styles and patterns, you can get the exact design you want without having to deal with the drawbacks of that particular material. For instance, let’s say you like ceramic but don’t like getting your feet cold or your worried your kids will eventually crack the tiles somehow. Well, then you can get that exact style but in the luxury vinyl version. 

Stylish, realistic effects – minus the costs

As we just mentioned, vinyl comes in a vast assortment of lookalike effects. From wood to stone to porcelain, you'll be able to have that same look but at what's typically a fraction of the cost. Replicates have the same appearance, yet you get the advantage of a softer underfoot cushioning in many instances. As an extremely versatile material, you can renovate your home to suit your style, but get the benefits of saving money and get an extremely comfortable surfacing. Choose the color, design, pattern, and effect you want without overtaxing your budget.

Sure, it looks amazing – but what about the warranty?

The thing about having a large family is you test your home in a completely different way than a single person or smaller household. Day after day, you’re most likely dealing with energetic pets, running kids, and lots of indoor traffic. Luckily, vinyl flooring comes with a protective wear layer, an industrial-grade coating that’s manufactured right in. Therefore, you’re assured to get true durability from your flooring, no matter the size of your family – all without sacrificing appearance.

Luxury vinyl flooring retailer

Serving the Baltimore, New Jersey, and surrounding areas, our Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators showroom professionals in Linthicum Heights and Forest Hill, MD would be more than happy to answer all your flooring questions. Whether you're looking for the perfect soft or hard surfacing for your multi-family house or need quality materials for your studio, you’re assured excellent assistance at Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators.