If it’s time to start looking for new flooring in Baltimore, there’s more to consider than aesthetic appeal. While the way your flooring looks is important, you also want to make sure it will stand up over time. This is why you should keep hardness and durability in mind when looking through your options. The Janka scale describes how hard a wooden floor is, which can give you an idea of how long it will last in your home. The scale is precise but not perfect, and there are other factors that can impact the results. Continue reading for a deeper understanding of the Janka scale.

Wooden floors can be a beautiful addition to any kind of home design, but different species of wood come with very different characteristics. Eastern White Pine is at the very bottom of the Janka scale, which means it is the softest. Alternatively, Brazilian Walnut scores the highest Janka rating. Remember that a higher Janka rating means a harder wood, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a better choice for your flooring. Factors like the area in the house where the flooring is installed, and how it’s maintained will also affect how long it will last.

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