Property managers know that investing in high quality, durable materials for your home, apartment, or office space is essential to reducing long-term costs. That’s why choosingaffordable, high quality carpet installation near Baltimore is a great for managing your bottom line while keeping tenants happy. When choosing flooring for your Baltimore-area rental property, consider the following tips on choosing the best carpet options.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet Fiber Quality

Like other flooring options, the longevity and durability of your carpet is directly related to quality of the material. In instances where tenant turnover is high, cheaper carpet options like Triexta or stapled polyester carpet might be suitable given that new carpet installation must happen more frequently. But in applications where tenants will stay for multiple years, choosing a higher quality carpet can help to increase the appeal of the property while reducing long-term maintenance cost. Materials like nylon and higher end polyester for carpet are ideal because they are more stain resistant and the carpet fibers tend to maintain their integrity for longer.

Stain Resistance

In addition to the quality of the fibers, also consider whether your carpet has been treated with a stain resistant coating. Carpets manufactured with inherently stain resistant plastic fibers like nylon or polyester can be improved based on the quality on factory-applied stain treatments. Stain treated carpets come in two varieties: topical stain treated, in which only the tips of the fibers are coated with the treatment, and whole fiber treated, in which the entire fiber and backing of the carpet is treated. Topical stain treated carpets won’t retain their color and resilience to staining as long, but are cheaper than whole fiber treated options.

Carpet Installation

Finally, make sure that you choose a high quality carpet installation service regardless of the quality of carpet you purchase. Professional carpet installation can help to extend the life of your carpet and encourage even wear from normal use. This means more time between reinstallation of new carpet and lower costs.