Area rugs offer plenty of benefits, they protect your floor from wear and tear, keep your space warm, and even reduce noise. These small furnishings are not just a functional choice, they can transform your house into a home. Think of an area rug as a piece of art that reflects your unique style or as a frame to compliment the layout of your space.

So, what do you need to know before selecting your next area rug? We are Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators have broken this discussion down into four quick bullet points to help you on your interior design journey.


The first step in selecting an area rug is to measure the space covered with furniture, not wall to wall. Once you have this measurement will need to make your first choice, do you want a traditional interior design style or a modern one? To help you define your style, we have put together a quick reference.

 A traditional area rug is typically large enough to fit all four legs of your room’s key furniture onto the rug. The best way to ensure your area rug fits this classic style is to take your areas measurements and choose a rug that is one standard size larger. This style is sure to impress guests and show off your elegant style. 

If you’re more interested in modern design, you’ll want to do the exact opposite. The best way to push the envelope with an area rug is to take your measurements and choose the next smallest standard rug size. Generally, you will want only the front two legs of your key furnishings to sit on top of the rug, with the back legs resting on the existing floor.  

Flooring Tip: No matter your style, you will want to be sure your existing flooring is still visible. As a rule of thumb, leave roughly 10 to 20 inches of flooring visible between the rug and wall. 


Area rugs are your chance to take your interior’s design to the next level, so why not go bold? Area rugs come in countless colors and patterns to complement any room. If you choose a bright, bold color your only concern will be to ensure the rug doesn’t clash with your existing furnishings. If you choose a unique pattern, you’ll want to be sure your key furniture does not obscure the rug's design.

Flooring Tip: Instead of buying a large rug, choose two smaller rugs to section off spaces. This helps visitors navigate your space without feeling lost in uncharted territory. 


There is one universal truth in flooring, we love to talk about carpet fibers. With so many different fibers on the market, it helps to be well informed on their benefits and drawbacks.

If you are interested in natural fibers for your rug you will find three wonderful options. Cotton rugs are the easiest natural fiber to clean but will retain moisture; Jute is the softest fiber in nature but may fade in direct sunlight, Sisal is the most durable but may disintegrate if periodically exposed to moisture.

For those looking for the reliability of synthetic fibers, you’ll find a number of contenders. The first is acrylic which resists stains and sun damage, but it not the most affordable option. You will also run into nylon and polyester, durable fibers perfect for high traffic areas. Finally, you will come across Olefin. Olefin not only resists stains, it repels water!


Knowing the ins and outs of rug maintenance and fiber will help you select a rug that matches your personal tastes and your lifestyle. Area rugs are low maintenance flooring. Regardless of the style or fiber of your rug, you’ll want to vacuum regularly to keep it looking fresh. If you select a medium or high-pile rug you, you’ll also need to shampoo it annually to remove any deep-rooted allergens. If you’d like to avoid this, you can choose a short-pile rug. Short-pile rugs can be taken outside the home periodically and shaken to remove stubborn dust that has burrowed its way deep into the fiber.

So, where can you get a new rug? 

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