Tile is an extremely durable and attractive material that can be used throughout your home. When you are considering installing new tile flooring in Baltimore, you may want to consult with your contractor about the possibility of updating your shower tile, as well. New shower tile can refresh your bathroom space and provide your shower with an appealing new look. Gathering information about the different types of vinyl tile available will help you dramatically as you are making your decision. Read on for a look at some essential factors to consider when you are shopping for new shower tile.

Consider Colors and Patterns

One of the great advantages of tile is that this material will allow you to create different colors and patterns in your shower enclosure. When you are shopping for new shower tile, you will want to consider which colors and patterns will be the most pleasing to your eye. By combining up to three different types of tile, you can create a tile pattern that really stands out.

Evaluate Feel and Function

Along with determining which types of tile will look the best in your space, you will also want to consider the feel and function of your new tile products. In order to achieve the best comfort in your shower enclosure, you will want to purchase tile that is pleasant to the touch. Excessively scratchy or rough tile may not be pleasant when it is placed under bare feet.

Ask About Water Resistance

Water resistance is perhaps the most critical factor to consider when you are shopping for your new shower tile. If your new tiles are not completely water resistant, they will start to show signs of water damage, cracking, chipping, and other serious problems. A salesperson at your local tile showroom can help you find tile products that offer the right level of water resistance for your new shower. With these factors in mind, you will be ready to purchase your new tile.